Wood Stove Makeover

Our wood stove is probably almost 25 years old and has kept us warm for many winters!  I was looking at ‘her’ one day and realized that although she still cranked out the heat, she was looking a little lack-luster to say the least!  I thought I’d share how EASY this project is.  I was done in 90 minutes!  If you have a stove that needs a face lift read on…

I went to Lowes and picked up these inexpensive items:

rustoleum high heat stove spray paint

plastic drop cloth

painters tape

steel wool


Here it the where we started… Looking really bad you can see…

I spread out my plastic and taped around all the feet so I wouldn’t get any paint on the bricks and tucked the plastic in behind the stove pipe – you can’t see this because of the sun shining in – oops!

Then I taped all the handles….

and all the other ‘gizmos’ that I didn’t want painted black

and then I gave it a good rub down with the steel wool – you can see in the next picture that I’ve done the left side of the tray portion already – cleaned up nice!  Then  I wiped it down with a wet cloth to remove any dust.

 Next is the fun part!  Shake your can up well and spray!  You will want to open a window first but it is relatively neat – no big mess at all!  Hold the can 6-8″ away from your stove and spray evenly moving back and forth .  I gave it a quick first coat, and then another second coat.  It dries super fast.  Oh yeah – maybe you might want a disposable latex glove – my ‘trigger finger’ was a little black when I finished – just a slight diy occupational hazard!  I removed the tape and plastic and WOW!!!

Here is a before picture again….

And after a little help from this little can……. wait for it……


AFTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO…… AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wasn’t that the best makeover EVER?  Easy!

One  more project checked off the list!







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